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Feed Commodities began servicing the Pacific Northwest in 1996 out of a rented barn in Fife, Washington. In 1997 we expanded our operations through the introduction of an operating facility in Portland, Oregon. With the addition of a full-scale production facility in Tacoma in 1998, Feed Commodities has established itself as the largest recycler of bakery by-products in the Pacific Northwest, serving customers between Salem, Oregon and the Canadian border.

 Regenerative thermal oxidizer

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Since that time, Feed Commodities has worked tirelessly to continually improve our operations and service offerings. We have developed production processes that have doubled our facility's throughput and added a longhaul fleet to ensure the timely delivery of our feeds while lowering the cost of transporting our raw materials. We have added 10,000 square feet of flat storage to lessen the impact of seasonal volumes and ensure product availability. A silo was built in 2004 to allow the blending of grain by-products into our feeds to improve consistency and product flow. That same year we installed a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) to eliminate pollutants from our dryer in support of our commitment to being an environmentally responsible manufacturer. By focusing on lowering our production and transportation costs, Feed Commodities ensures that our bakery customers receive the highest value for their by-products.

We have also built upon our reputation of being a dependable service provider by expanding our product line to include direct-feed systems into 53 foot trailers. Additionally, we have developed integrated scale systems that not only allow our bakery customers to track their waste volumes but to identify the source of their waste streams as well in support of their efforts to reduce waste. Continuous improvement of these systems is a primary focus of Feed Commodities, and we continue researching new product developments both within and outside of our industry and how they can be applied to improve our service offerings.
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