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Compactors and Containers


Feed Commodities offers a wide range of compactors and containers for our medium-sized bakeries that need more capacity in their waste systems and have the room to locate a large container.

The compactors we provide are always self-contained, meaning the charging unit stays with the container. These compactors have a sealed rear door and come equipped with lids to deter pests. Compactors have 24 cubic yard containers, with either 1 or 2 yard charge chambers. These units come equipped with their own power pack, control system, and hydraulic reservoir. To view our compactor specifications, click here. Typically, these systems also come with a scale system and hydraulic dumper.

 1 yd self-contained compactor

Feed Commodities services our compactor accounts based on information we receive from our scale systems. When paged, our drivers are dispatched to our customers' location to change out the compactor, ensuring that our customers always have space in an available container. Just-in-time changing out of the compactor also reduces cost and ensures that our customers receive the highest value for their waste by-products.

Rolloff Containers

The containers Feed Commodities provide range in size from 15 to 40 cubic yards. All of our rolloff containers are covered and have sealed rear doors to reduce the possibility of spillage.

We have 3 basic types of rolloff containers. These include:

 Split lid container

    Containers with split-lids. These lids open by sliding along runners at the top of the container over or under one another. With this system, only half of the container is ever open at a time.  These systems are ideal for locating off loading docks.


 Single lid container

     Containers with a single lid. The lid on these containers is raised with a hand-crank or electric winch. The lid swivels on either side of the container, allowing loading from one side at a time. These systems are best used in an open parking lot, where the container can be loaded with a forklift.


 Leveling container


•    Leveling containers. These containers are completely sealed, with the exception of a small hopper located on the top rear of the container. An auger runs the length of the container, moving product towards the nose as the container is filled from the rear. These systems are coupled with a hydraulic dumper and scale, and are electrically-driven by a motor and gearbox mounted on the nose of the container. These systems are ideal for applications that include alot of dough or dense product.


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