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Trailer Systems
Feed Commodities offers trailer systems to those customers that require a larger capacity waste system. These systems are self-contained, PLC operated, and come equipped with a wide range of reporting and operating options.

 Auger extension

Trailer system with compactor

Fed from the rear with an auger-style compactor, the walking floors on these 53 foot trailers are capable of self-loading to a predetermined volume or weight.

Feed Commodities' drivers and managers are alerted at various stages of the filling process, to ensure that the system is changed out as need so there is always additional capacity in the system.

The trailer system also alerts our managers of any system errors so that our local service technicians can respond quickly and appropriately to avoid prolonged downtime. To go even further, Feed Commodities builds in several layers of contingencies to make sure that our customers' waste streams are never interrupted regardless of the nature of the breakdown.

Please contact us with additional questions on our trailer systems.

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