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Customer Value

Our focus at Feed Commodities is to add value to our customers' operations through everything we do. We have taken what has been traditionally recognized as a commodities business, and added a strong and progressive service side designed to enhance the way our customers do business.

Waste handling is our business, and we offer our expertise in this field to educate our customers on the various types of equipment available, and the impact each type would have on their operations. While some recyclers would argue that larger containers are always better, this may not hold true in a variety of situations where space is an issue, dump-cycle times are longer, or hauling distances are short. Feed Commodities offers a wide variety of equipment, and will help you choose the right equipment for your facility.

We have developed systems that fit a wide range of bakery sizes, types, needs and products. In addition to equipment, Feed Commodities offers regular service 24/7, emergency pickups, and 24-hour customer service. We also offer scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs for all of our equipment.

At Feed Commodities, we take our role as a valued partner even further, offering cutting-edge data systems designed to ensure your waste is picked up on time, at the right time. These systems also track the waste based on product lines, types, batches, and times to support our customers in their efforts to track their waste and reduce it. They are simple to use, accurate, and real-time. These systems put the data in the hands of our customers and offer them a valuable tool in waste source identification. Feed Commodities continues to improve these systems making them more accessible and easier to use.



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