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Waste Tracking & Reduction

Feed Commodities is the industry leader in providing our customers with the equipment, technology and training necessary to track their waste volumes, identify waste sources and take proactive measures in reducing their waste. The impact of reducing waste by mere percentage points can pay high dividends in strengthening the bottom line.

The facts speak for themselves. Bakery ingredients are of the highest quality and can cost around $.20 to $.24 per pound. Saving one ton of this product results in an average savings of $440. So a bakery that historically generates 150 tons of waste can save approximately $2,640 per month by a simple reduction of 4%, or 6 tons. That savings alone would equal the return to the bakery if they were receiving $17.60 per ton of their by-products for the entire 150 tons! So identifying and reducing food waste should be a primary focus of every bakery concerned with their bottom line.

Feed Commodities offers the equipment, software, programs and training for our customers to identify the highest waste-generating line, shift, or product type so that they can focus their efforts on reducing waste where the returns are highest. 

Learn more about our latest waste tracking technology at Normandy Waste Management Systems.

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